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Borah's Jalyn Richmond wins 1st Place in #3 Girls Singles @ the 2018 Capital Invitational
Congratulations to Junior Jalyn Richmond who defeated Eagle High School's Brooke Beils to earn the title of #3 Girls Singles champion at the 2018 Capital Classic Invitational.  
ANNOUNCEMENT: Borah Tennis Summer Camp
Skills, Drills, and Match Play with Borah Varsity Players and Coaches Grades 5-9 Session 1: June 4-8, Session 2: June 11-15 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. $20 per session Please see the link on the sidebar for the participation form.
Brains above brawn. 5A, 4A academic teams honor Valley’s top student-athletes this spring
Author: Michael Lycklama
Note: Athletes must have a GPA higher than 3.5 to qualify for the all-academic team. Lists provided by area athletic directors. 5A SIC BOISE Baseball: Andoni Bieter-Lete, Finnley Butler, Beck Maguire, Axel Mickelson, Andrew Peterson. So
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