Borah Lions Tennis
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Varsity Extra Athletes of the Week: March 13-18
Author: Rachel Roberts
Congratulations to Borah's Sydnie Binder, Varsity Extra athlete of the week for girls' tennis! GIRLS TENNIS Sydnie Binder, Borah: The 2016 5A state runner-up in girls singles had a strong week for the Lions against Eagle and Bishop Kelly. Bind
Borah High rehires Tony Binder as tennis coach
Author: Michael Lycklama
BY MICHAEL LYCKLAMA LINKEDIN GOOGLE+ PINTEREST REDDIT PRINT ORDER REPRINT OF THIS STORY Tony Binder, who led the Lions to three state titles and retired from coaching in 1984, will ta
Binder to lead Boxer tennis program
The Pacific University women's tennis program has a new leader.   Traci Binder will take over the duties previously held by Brian Jackson, who is also the men's head coach. Jackson, Pacific's Director of Tennis, will now just focus o
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