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ANNOUNCEMENT: Borah's Sydnie Binder wins 5A District 3 Girls Singles Title
Congratulations to Borah High School's Sydnie Binder, the 2017 5A District 3 Girls Singles Champion.  Borah's Cassidy Binder and Madeline Kraus finished second in Girls Doubles and senior Hailey Shannon also advances on to State in girls singles
ANNOUNCEMENT: Varsity Tennis player named Female Athlete of the Year
Congratulations to senior Hailey Shannon for being named Borah High School's Female Athlete of the Year.
Borah High School Girls Varsity Tennis Team named 5A State Academic Champions for 2017
Congratulations to the Varsity girls tennis team for being named state academic champions for the 2nd year in a row with a combined GPA of 3.926.
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